Outdoor Products

The chance to transform your outdoor living area brings with it great responsibility. Some spaces are designed for lounging and relaxing, others are made for active and sporty families while green thumbs will prioritise the garden.

In the past, patios, gardens and backyards were a largely barren playground for games of cricket and a clothes line. These days, outdoor furniture often takes pride of place, arranged near a BBQ or outdoor fireplace, on a patio and adorned with careful landscaping or water features. Whatever your yard's focus will be, keep your options open and consider all the key components — seating, appearance, practicality and storage — your new and improved space will be the ultimate entertaining hub.

Create your own outdoor living room.

Add comfortable, quality deck furniture to your home’s outdoor space, making your garden or backyard as comfortable as your living room. More seating can involve weatherproof sofas, chairs, benches and chaise lounges, with side tables and coffee tables for cups and plates. A sturdy waterproof rug and lanterns or candles - even an exquisite fireplace - can add tremendous charm.

Outdoor furniture with storage

As you begin to use your outdoor space more, you’ll need someplace to stash away all the pool equipment, gardening tools, seasonal cushions and barbecue accessories, to name a few. A quality garage shed is just the place for some storage outdoor furniture to house all the goodies. If a shed is too large an investment, opt for weather-resistant storage benches or boxes.

Use outdoor accessories for the perfect decor

Beautiful as they are, your garden’s plants can always use some outdoor accessories and water features to add to the overall charm. Fountains make interesting focal points and add the soothing sound of running water as background noise. Garden statues and sculptures can add a bit of culture, while birdhouses and bird feeders allow you to watch birds while enjoying the rest of the view. Make sure to place a hammock or bench nearby so you can appreciate all your hard work.

Outdoor dining and barbecues

Barbecues, or in other words: the whole point of owning an outdoor space, get even better with outdoor dining furniture. Throw in an outdoor table and chair set, and an umbrella for hot or rainy days to make those summer days even more spectacular. Set up shop close to the barbecue so people can easily munch throughout the day.

Impress with a hot tub, gazebo, fire pit or swing set.

If you’re looking to impress, go big by opting for larger, more dramatic purchases for your outdoor space. Jacuzzis are a great way to relax after a long, hard day, and they pair nicely with a pool. For the ultimate backyard entertaining, look into getting a gazebo, a fireplace or a fire pit. And don’t forget the kids! Make them happy with a swing set or outdoor playset.