Serveware Products

Serveware makes all the difference between an average tabletop setting, and a great one. Lay out the best decanter, cake stand, teapot and serving tray you can find, and you’re certain to impress all your guests. Simply match serveware to the rest of your dining decor for a unique and personalised entertaining experience. Here are some points to consider before you choose everything from jugs to tongs and serving trays.

Serveware for beverages: Decanter, teapot, jug, carafe

If you love your wine and whisky, an elegant decanter is just what your dining buffet needs. Pair your favourite decanters with a carafe or two to complete a set. While the most common use for a carafe is for brewing and serving coffee or tea, you’ll find several tall and slender glass and porcelain carafe options for serving wine and brandy.

Another favourite in the beverage serveware department is the teapot - in porcelain, glass, ceramic, or even stainless steel and bamboo. Teapots are quite eye-catching in any kitchen and dining space.

Jugs - from milk jugs to beer jugs - are essentials in any kitchen. Look for a size, style, and material that suits the rest of your serveware, crockery and cutlery. If you’re buying a milk jug for your tea serving tray, don’t forget to match it with the right sugar bowl and teapot.

Serveware for desserts and treats: Cake stand, serving spoon and tray

Cake stands (as well as cupcake stands) are a sheer delight to decorate. Pair these with the rest of your dessert crockery and cutlery, including serving trays and spoons. Your options range from porcelain curves to beaded edges - when it comes to decorative cake stands, the sky’s the limit!

These are just a few of the different products you’ll find as you browse serveware online. Other options include tongs, serving forks, salad bowls, cheese platters, fruit and dessert bowls and the ever-popular breakfast tray. Start with a list of what you need and remember to buy only what you can store comfortably!