As rejuvenating as a bath is relaxing, showers come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Fancy some sliding shower screens for a shower cubicle; ideas for a steam shower with heavy-duty shower curtains; or rain shower heads for torrential downpours? You’ll find it all here. Have a look at these quick pointers before you surround yourself with shower bases, screens and mixers.

Shower screens: Choose your doors, walk-ins, and glass panels

Match shower screens to your space and style. Luxurious sliding shower screens will look great for a larger than usual shower cubicle, and a pivot door will expand small spaces.

At this point, you’ll also choose between framed (usually within an aluminium frame) versus frameless shower screens (held together by hardware that matches your bathroom decor).

How to pick shower heads

Square or round; extra large or illuminated - your choices in shower heads are pretty diverse. This is also your chance to match bathroom hardware to decor. For instance, overhead rain shower heads suit earthy bathroom decor, and sliding bar shower heads suit multi-user bathrooms with family members of different heights!

Preferences in shower cubicles: Frameless shower screens or shower curtains?

Shower cubicles should be separated (who doesn’t like a good steam shower!) and easy to keep clean. If you haven’t opted for a bath shower combination, you’ll need a good set of shower curtains or screens. This is where you worry about shower doors, panels, screens, curtains and any hardware (door handles).

Plan ahead by measuring the designated cubicle space, keeping in mind the shower bases that are as important as the showers themselves.

Shower bases: Cheaper than tiles and easier to clean

Shower bases are quite easy to install - especially if you don’t want to make too much of a fuss while installing shower cubicles. Available in acrylic and ceramic, amongst other materials, these are waterproof and a lot cheaper than tiles.

This is just the beginning: beyond it, lie many more options such as jet spray shower panel systems, materials to suit every theme, different mounting options for shower heads, and different shower installations (electric, mixer, or power). As with the rest of home design, your shower screens and systems need inspired deliberation.