Tile Products

Brand new bathroom and kitchen tiles can give your home quite the facelift. Mosaic, travertine, ceramic, porcelain or natural - there’s a style of tile for everyone. Whether you’re buying kitchen splashback tiles or ceramic floor tiles for your bathroom, it’s a choice you should make sooner rather than later. Nearly every other choice will revolve around this palette of tiles.

Here’s looking at some basic tips for picking the perfect floor and wall tiles for your living spaces.

Bathroom tiles for convenience and style

Bathroom tiles reflect your home’s overall decor as well as your preferences in cleaning and convenience. For instance, slip-resistant mosaic floor tiles are great for homes with young kids; larger tiles will need lesser grouting and therefore less maintenance; natural stone wall tiles will give your bathroom a spa-like feel; and porcelain tiles are cheaper to install and maintain.

Choose bathroom tiles that suit your lifestyle and expectations. Similar to lighting, you can even pick a set of base tiles, a second set of decorative tiles and then accent tiles - all of which would come together to create your bathroom.

Kitchen tiles to suit your style

Not all kitchen tiles are built alike - floor tiles are slightly textured and slip-resistant, while wall tiles can be glossy and a lot smoother. You’ll also need to select splashback tiles as well as tiles to put on kitchen benchtops.

Your choices in kitchen tiles will be influenced by budget (for instance, vinyl tiles are cheaper than ceramic tiles), and lifestyle (ceramic tiles also need more maintenance). Benchtop and splashback tiles should be easy to clean and maintain.

As with wall colours and soft furnishings, colour plays a big part in which kitchen and bathroom tiles you should buy. Natural stone tiles tend to set an attractive earthy backdrop, and decorative tiles in interesting patterns will make clever design pockets.