Wall & Floor Tiles

The right wall and floor tiles are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Simply switching from sandstone to granite, glass or Moroccan tiles will transform any room’s entire look and feel. Therefore, bath and kitchen tiles deserve a good deal of thought and patience. Here’s a handy look at the most popular choices in wall and floor tiles.

Travertine tiles: Less porous than marble, limestone and some types of sandstone

Often confused with other natural stone tiles, travertine tiles are best known for their colour variations and threads - from white to warm hues. With some additional sealing and polishing these are less porous than other natural stone variants. Travertine tiles are best used for driveways, patios, and poolsides.

Subway tiles: Old world charm with a twist

Ceramic subway tiles are a classic and usually found in older homes. Currently quite popular, these are named after the New York city subway where they were first used in the 20s. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with these mainstays in kitchen tiles. Use them for walls, splashbacks or shower tiles for a vintage feel.

Moroccan tiles: Add some spice to your home

If you’re looking for a dash of colour with symmetry to boot, try Moroccan tiles. These feature geometric designs, add effortless bohemian flavour, and work beautifully as bathroom or kitchen splashbacks. Combining detail with bold designs, Moroccan tiles make ornate splashbacks, can cover entire walls in a dramatic display, or simply add a splash of colour with one strip or panel.

Timber look tiles: Easy and sophisticated rustic appeal

Much as hardwood flooring is loved, its issues with wood warps, temperature changes and maintenance needs can be difficult to overcome. Timber look tiles are an easy alternative. While natural wood flooring needs to be preserved with constant sealing and polishing, wood look tiles are easy to lay and made with nearly-real timber texture.

Terrazzo and terracotta tiles: Manufactured sturdy and elegant tiles

Crafted from natural clays (terracotta) and composite material (terrazzo), these are excellent options for outdoor walls and floors. Terrazzo, in particular, will need some non-slip additives to make it less slippery. Therefore, these might be better installed with some professional help. Unique, beautiful, sturdy and elegant, these are the floor tiles of choice for benchtops and splashbacks.

Slate, porcelain, glass and granite: Mix and match wall, splashback and floor tiles

Choose slate tiles for smooth thermal-resistant benchtops, porcelain tiles for their water absorption properties, glass tiles for mirrored splashback designs, and granite tiles for driveways and indoor floors. Each of these options are available in a range of colours, and can be cut to suit different styles and designs.

Have fun selecting which tiles suit your home reno the best; the choices are vast and wonderful! You’ll find the best in floor tiles right here, no matter your budget, style or design preference. Browse by style, manufacturer and retailer to find your best kitchen floor tiles yet!