Wall Decor

With so much wall decor to choose from, and at varying price points, there’s really no reason you should have to live with boring walls. What you hang around your home says a lot about you – framed quotes motivate you; a watercolour painting calms you; and a movie poster reminds you of some of your favourite things. Wall decor is an easy way to make your house feel like home, adding style, character and complementing the existing decor around your home. So whether you’re looking for novelty wall signs, new wallpaper or wall stickers for your nursery, rest assured you’ve come to the right place. On Houzz you can browse and shop and wide selection of decorative wall art for your home.

How should I decorate my walls?

Every room in your house can be decorated with wall art. If you want to create a focal point, make a statement or draw the eye away from unsightly features, choose a large canvas or framed print. This option works particularly well in rooms that already have a lot going on. Smaller wall hangings can easily get lost in big rooms, but can be grouped together to create a salon-style gallery wall. If you prefer to steer clear of art, you can make a statement with wallpaper, either using it to create a feature wall, border, or all-over look. Wall decals are a less imposing way to spruce up a wall, and are easily removable, too. They look best in kids rooms, home offices and family rooms. For texture not pattern or colour, hang tapestries or wooden wall art such as cane screens. When you want something more practical, consider adding a chalkboard or bulletin board to an empty wall, or install a wall sculpture in which you can also hang household items.

How should I mount wall decor?

Before you buy picture-hanging hooks, nails or screws, find out how how much your wall hanging weighs. To be safe, you should always use mountings that can hold more than you require. Using two hooks will also help it stay level over time. D-rings tend to be a better option than wire for frames and canvases as they won’t cause swinging. Just ensure you use a level or, at the very least, a ruler to ensure the rings are aligned. Rubber or felt pads on the back will prevent any marks appearing on your wall and can help keep a piece in place while you mount it. If you don’t want to put holes in your walls, use heavy-duty double-sided tape or adhesive hooks. Narrow shelves can also be installed to display artworks, or you can lean your art up against a wall.