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Santamaria Design
Custom Home Bars Services in Brookvale, New South Wales
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars15April,2015
“What can I say – Santamaria Design were outstanding! We had built a new family home and didn’t know where to start with decorating. We found Lisa and she made the process easy from start to finish. We love our living space and everyone that visits loves it too. We are very proud of our home now. From sofas to accent chairs, floor rugs to custom made furniture and artwork our rooms look amazing. Thank you Lisa we love it! She was a pleasure to work with and made it lots of fun. We would highly recommend Lisa at Santamaria Design for any decorating job!”
Forest Joinery
Custom Home Bars Services in Brookvale, New South Wales
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars17November,2019
“Over the years Dave has done many jobs in our home which have always produced excellent results. The most recent being the new laundry that he designed and installed for us. Dave’s eye for detail and knowledge gave us a laundry that not only looks good but also utilises the space efficiently. Dave is always very professional and leaves the job as clean and tidy as he found it. We would highly recommend Dave and his team”
House to Home Finishes P/L
Custom Home Bars Services in Brookvale, New South Wales
Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars11July,2015
“Complete kitchen renovation including the relocation of an external door and sanding / polishing existing floorboards in 2 rooms. All whilst we were away on holidays for 6 weeks. Company was very professional. The work done was of terrific quality. Dealing with the company whilst we were overseas was quite painless and they kept us informed every step of the way. Particular kudos goes to Maddison whom I dealt with a lot. She was always helpful, friendly and knew her customer service principles - which I did find lacking when dealing with another person in the company. So whilst there were a couple of issues during the clean up and defect reporting, they were (in the scheme of things) minor and were more to do with personality than workmanship. The finished kitchen is great and we have no qualms about recommending this company. In fact, we would use them again for our future bathroom renovation. The work really is top-notch and a testament to the Tradies they use.”
Style by Gillian - Design/Renovate
Custom Home Bars Services in Brookvale, New South Wales
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars13March,2016
“Review for Gillian Pembroke "Style by Gillian " March 2016 - John Spencer (first time renovator). I saw Gillian's website which impressed me, and I had a good talk with her about how she could assist me. I was wanting her advice/input about purchasing an apartment in Sydney's North and a plan for renovating. With her encouragement I bought a total "renovators delight". I wanted maximum gain from my investment. She methodically went through the property, and introduced fully accredited trades that she had recent history with, and it was obvious they shared a lot of trust and mutual respect. Gillian put together a very detailed Task List - stating everything that had to be done - room by room, trade by trade. She had a very solid technical understanding of many aspects of their work. I asked her to introduce all the trades required, but she was open to having people I knew work on the job as well. The task list meant all the trades quoted exactly what was required and I got a lot of prices within a week or two. She also helped with adapting plans based on sticking to my budget, something I had no experience with. That multi page Task list - was basically the template for my renovation. All the trades got a copy and quoted from her instructions - they all seemed very happy with having things set out so clearly. Once all the tasks were decided on - of course things got altered along the way, a result of having to make compromises based on my budget. Gillian printed the "Final Task list", which she laminated and put on a white board on the wall in the laundry. Everybody followed the tasks, marking off when things were completed. As a first time renovator I found this really helpful, It made me feel informed and empowered. Practical things such as having copies of the front door key made (marked Gillian's job, no address) and these were given to the various trades when they were hired and at the end of the renovation, the locksmith just changed the chamber! Gillian is a very good communicator and genuinely seems to enjoy the process of home improvement. She was there with her work boots, very comfortable in this domain. She also made a Timetable, with who was doing what and when, plus a Contact List (phone and email) of all the trades. This was also on the whiteboard. Everyone working on my job had a copy of these. This also really helped keep the trades on task, and they could call each other if they wanted to (cut water or shut down power etc.). What really impressed me was the genuine camaraderie on the job: I didn't expect that. There was a lot of goodwill with Gillian and all the various workmen, and between the different trades themselves. The fact a number of the men had done other projects before meant they were very co-operative and seemed happy sharing the site together. It made things happen quicker and I feel resulted in superior work. Of course there are always things happen that you cannot predict - but Gillian had her finger on the pulse the whole time. She was in touch with all the trades and things got sorted very efficiently and with a good dose of humour. Essential. This included keeping the other residents of the apartment block advised of noisy work etc. She made notices and put them under their doors, this really helped keep the peace. I visited daily but she oversaw the changes that had to happen when things crop up. I met with her on site every few days. Her various crews of trades didn't need to be pushed or baby sat. We stayed on budget and ahead of schedule - I got to move into my sparkling new home two weeks earlier than expected. She coached me through the whole process for a really reasonable fee. I couldn't be happier! - JOHN SPENCER”
Jane Brown Interiors
Custom Home Bars Services in Brookvale, New South Wales
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars1April,2014
“Words cannot truly describe the impact that Jane Brown's incredible work has had on my homes and my life! I have hired Jane several times over the years, to style, organize and beautify my home and office in Sydney (in person), and more recently, my home/office in Colorado (via Skype)! Yes, Jane has a unique talent for understanding her clients' needs and desires. And yes, she is a master at creating simple and stylish solutions for a more harmonious and attractive environment - one that I love coming home to and frequently attracts compliments from visitors. Yet, much more than this, Jane has a special kind of magic touch. For every time she enhances my home, it creates a powerful, positive force and wonderful things start to happen in my life. For example: I landed a high profile client. My income increased. I moved overseas. And, best of all, I met and married my gorgeous husband! All of these things came about shortly after Jane had brought her magic to my home and my life. I know that her work had something to do with all that! Finally, I would have to say that Jane is probably the most passionate, energetic and intuitive professional I've ever had the opportunity to work with. I love that she is so flexible, affordable and accessible to me - no matter where I (or she) may be in the world. Working with Jane is pure joy - fun, enlightening and above all, life-changing! Investing in Jane's services has been among the best money I've ever spent. I'm a fan and client for life! Thank you Jane!”
Magno Kitchens Pty Ltd
Custom Home Bars Services in Brookvale, New South Wales
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars5December,2016
“Magno Kitchens did a fantastic job working with my husband and I to design our perfect kitchen and laundry and bring it to life. Jessica was a great help with design, colours and textures. Whilst Tony worked tirelessly to finish our kitchen and laundry in a short period of time so that we could have our perfect home by our wedding day. Would highly recommend to anyone.”
Jo Taylor Design
Custom Home Bars Services in Brookvale, New South Wales
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars3March,2016
“From our first meeting we knew that Jo Taylor was the right designer for us. Jo provided the design creativity and guidance we needed to make our home a more comfortable and pleasurable environment. All work was completed at the highest of standards on time and within budget.”
Denby Dowling Interiors
Custom Home Bars Services in Brookvale, New South Wales
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars14June,2014
“Our experience with Denby Dowling interiors has been nothing short of wonderful, her style was one that immediately caught my eye. Our first meeting in 2010 to create a modern family home left us breathless by her brilliant design and masterful reconstruction of workflow in the space. Since then Denby has designed two more spaces for us, a city bachelor pad, and a country modern family home. In her latest design, Denby has given us the confidence to step out of our comfort zone and try different colours, textures, fabrics, materials and design ideas capturing the feeling we were after. Furniture, layout, and accessories complement and enhance the sense of space. We now have a home that looks unique, finished, receives a lot of compliments from everyone, and more importantly, can accommodate our children & their friends without damage to anything. Amazing! Her clarity on what the space requires for the best outcome is inspirational and invigorating. Denby is gracious and kind, intelligent and ta”
Additional Concepts Pty Ltd
Custom Home Bars Services in Brookvale, New South Wales
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars15October,2015
“We have been working with Simon & Peter from Additional Concepts for almost a decade now and they have certainly mastered reliability, consistency and top notch workmanship! We frequently deal with their customers and the common denominator among all their clients is the satisfaction and peace of mind they share. If you're doing extensions, new builds or renovations, then we can not recommend Additional Concepts enough, they are professional, honest, have excellent work ethic and importantly, are extremely friendly and fun to work with.”
Adam Scougall Design
Custom Home Bars Services in Brookvale, New South Wales
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars9July,2014
“We recently purchased an apartment in Breakfast Point and were lucky enough to see a project completed by Adam and Ben from As You See It Interior Solutions. We absolutely love our home and wanted to redecorate in a way which more reflected us. Not being sure of the best way to go about this we engaged Adam and Ben to help us achieve our goals. From Day 1 it was an amazing journey. Adam and Ben worked with our ideas, furniture and accessories to develop a most fabulous design that had us both in awe at how well it reflected us and our tastes. Not only do they have outstanding knowledge, talent and skills, but their willingness to go the extra distance with every detail of our project to ensure that we would get the best result possible has been fantastic and most impressive. They supervised and implemented every aspect of our project and their attention to detail is truly outstanding. And the result – incredible incredible incredible !!! It has been a pleasure working with two really nice guys who are very professional yet good fun to be around. Their ability to capture our vision and make it come true in a way that we could never, ever have achieved is most clever. We wish Adam and Ben lots of success in the future as they truly deserve it. We are truly living the dream. John & Julie, Breakfast Point”
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