Collaboration is our inspiration. We work intently with each other, our artisans and our clients. We follow our instincts, get excited and combine thinking to let ideas unfold, expand and evolve.These ideas come from little things. Perhaps a shadow, a tile, a piece of folded paper. To big themes, like travel, memories and family. They also come from aiming to better what our weavers do best. Adding our unique aesthetic to their innate understanding combines their craft skills with our artistic vision. Yes, we do get all goose-bumpy when we’re crouched down on the floor for a month in India with our makers (which we do regularly!). We adore our ‘dye master’. We know our weavers’ families. And we always keep it real when it comes to production. Beyond anything, we expect the unexpected.
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Best Textile Award - DENFAIR 2016