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From full wiring jobs to installing home alarms, electricians in Newcastleton, Scottish Borders, UK can solve many problems. In the same way that you would never take your chances on fixing your home's electrical problems, you should not risk your wiring or appliances with an electrician who has a short fuse or isn’t the brightest bulb in the box. Your research now could save a life. Before you browse profiles of sparkies in your Newcastleton, Scottish Borders, UK area, use the following guide to help you find the most qualified professional for your electrical job. More

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Solway Renewable Energy Ltd
Newcastleton, Scottish Borders, UK Electricians
27 Jul. 2017
“I cannot recommend Lawrence and Suzanne's service highly enough. We have developed a very positive relationship and Lawrence's skills in helping us both maintain, repair and improve our plumbing and electrics, and, indeed, the premises itself have been superb and very important. They are not flashy, but do the job well and, at times, have been there when we have needed them. This has gone on for a few years now, with regular visits most month and a couple of larger projects involving improvements to our facilities, and we trust Lawrence to do the work and to help us to find the most sensible solution. Just the kind of professional support our adult residential college has needed and still needs. Despite recommending Lawrence and Suzanne highly here, we hope to continue our use of their service as long as they are around, because it has worked well for us that Lawrence has been able to tackle jobs across several areas of expertise. Some of the challenges Lawrence has faced in this old building have been problems over the years for others, but he has taken the time to get to know the building and even repair the botches of others from the past. He also cares about his work and seeks to do his best for us - and that is something very special. We would rather use Lawrence and Suzanne than a larger company because we get genuinely personal service which is realistic and they are not too far away - but not so close they take us for granted. It is a pleasure to recommend them, and I do so with confidence to anyone who values the personal touch.”
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