For those who desire style and practicality, at last a designer washing line that can not only handle your bed linen but also, when not being used, provides a minimalistic and contemporary wall and design feature. The designer.line's functional and ergonomic design, encourages increased airflow and ensures a reduced reliance on tumble dryers, making it both environmentally friendly and cost effective. Inbuilt with a telescopic rail system, the main arm lengthens from 1.8 to a huge 2.8 meters ensuring designer.line is capable of handling any size bed linen with spare room for additional items. And when utilising hangers up to 18 meters of uninterrupted designer space. It can be easily self-mounted wherever space permits, capable of handling a 30kg load without the need to be mounted on a wall stud, even on plaster. Sturdy powder-coated aluminum composition in a range of seven on-trend colours. The designer.line will reduce/eliminate the use of environmentally detrimental tumble-drying practices and provide a more functional and aesthetically pleasing living space.

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