Spacedge Designs was founded in 1999 by William Chan. The design studio was launched in response to the growing demand for unconventional and yet practical interior architecture. In the years following, Spacedge has grown its clientele base, which includes foreign dignitaries, renowned retail brands and hospitality firms. Based in Singapore, Spacedge has been creating innovative interior and architectural designs for residences, retail stores, commercial showrooms and dining establishments. The broad range of works has won Spacedge regional acclaim and awards. Spacedge Design's philosophy is based on simplicity and inventiveness. The design studio focuses on creating an engaging architectural environment through a definitive concept, the shifting and placing of design values, plus crafting meaningful amenities in the new space. Spacedge has always pushed the boundaries to produce ambiences that are artistic, unconventional and do not conform to type, offering clients intelligent bespoke designs that suit their needs.
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A' Design Award 2013, Italy President's Design Award 2012, Singapore Singapore Design Award 2010, 2012