Taking the expertise gained from 5 years of play experience and bringing it to residential garden design. Playful spaces don't necessarily just mean play grounds.... Stratis is grounded in understanding the smaller details, and how these moments and layers create our experience in open space. For all spaces - public, residential, play spaces - this stems from understanding who will be using them and why. Each person is unique, and will create their own unique memories of a space. How we influence, engage, react with space helps define how we perceive the world. Spaces are defined by those that use them, as they should also define how they are designed. We look for ideas from a wide range of fields including art, architecture, education and play, environmental science, horticulture, quantum mechanics, cross-stitching, an excess of science fiction television and so on. Through this broad approach to research and idea generation we can make connections across fields and develop new and innovative landscapes. We are always open to new ideas and approaches. If you have an idea that seems a little unique, or need help clarifying exactly what it is you're after, feel free to drop us a line and we'll see where we can go from there.

Services Provided

Custom Water Features, Drought Tolerant Landscaping, Edible Gardens, Garden Design, Green Roofing, Landscape Design, Landscape Plans, Pool Landscaping, Project Management, Site Planning, Accessible Design, Landscape Construction

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