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Mr David Charles
Posted by cda18
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Alexander Pollock Interiors Updated You can buy them from us.
Love the chairs. Can you tell me where they are from?
Posted by clvinson3
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Alexander Pollock Interiors Updated You can purchase them from us.
Posted by debrasolo5963369
How can I order this Canterbury House coffee table?
Posted by Peg Gilliland
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Alexander Pollock Interiors Updated You can buy them directly from us. Please advise your email.
What wallpaper is this.
Posted by Debra Wardle
Debra Wardle Updated They are beautiful
dining set
Posted by Gee
Love the chairs
Posted by jlafonta
fardaz Updated
Wall lamp
Posted by Eleanor Mcmillin
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Alexander Pollock Interiors Updated Hi emerald0011, the wall lamps have been discontinued.
Love the curtains! Where is it from?
Posted by vesna2222000
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Love that chair
Posted by Natalie Lopez
Natalie LopezWhere is it from?
this room is exquisite! Where is the rug from?
Posted by muasu36
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Can you tell me who makes the wallpaper?
Posted by gwynethwa
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Love the table and Chairs. Where are they from? thanks
Posted by rossnbillie
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Where is this lamp from please?
Posted by buonissimo
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what is the curtain colour
Posted by Cam
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What is the name/brand of the wallpaper please?
Posted by kbiteau
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I like the bedspread, could you please let me know where it is from?
Posted by hrk4321
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Can I order the wallpaper? I love it so much
Posted by aeyalmansouri
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Posted by karenpls
love the chairs - where did you find them?
Posted by Julia A. Libling
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Wall covering
Posted by Lisa McFayden
Posted by petemarriott
Where can I purchase this mirror?
Posted by lindseylanderson
lindseylandersonMirror details please?
Posted by Ijeoma Anyanwu
Hi, Who does the wallpaper?
Posted by Kim Colwell Design
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Ou trouve ton ce papier peint ?
Posted by Katia Guen
Where can I find both the sofas please?
Posted by caligon
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Dining chairs!
Posted by Holly Connolly
Fab wall treatment
Posted by debluc
Love the couch! Where is this from?
Posted by lippityskip
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Posted by dinagoldshmid
trellis rug
Posted by rcclads rcclads
has this has been answered? Please tell me where the chairs are from
Posted by lornab1963
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Table and chairs
Posted by S
Michelle Lockett Updated Where can I buy this dining set?
Kitchen stools
Posted by 1773be
Posted by Eve Standfill
How can I order this coffee table?
Posted by schechter
wendynavarro Updated it's called tribeca table
Where are the chairs from?
Posted by juliana761210
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What color are the walls?
Posted by wheatiej
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Posted by attentioncarol
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Posted by jessalynkovtun
I love the wall. Is it wallpaper or decorative paint?
Posted by blitman123
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Is that a custom treatment on the grasscloth? Or, a specific brand?
Posted by PJ Morgan Real Estate
lreitzeldesign Updated Interest here as well
Posted by missmel07
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magilla60 Updated Where can you buy this range in Australia?
Love the wall treatment - what is it?
Posted by Molly Raglani
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Where are the chairs from?
Posted by maxine_ktk
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Nancy Uslan Updated love the chairs. where are they from?
Love the it seagrass? What's the color and source?
Posted by snoozii1
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Who makes the wallpaper? Thank you.
Posted by Flora Crosswell Interiors
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Windows to the Walls Interiors Updated Bradbury and Bradbury. Comes in different colors and also more deco wallpaper.
Dining chairs
Posted by cerullo
Posted by Mitch Fry
Table envy
Posted by amandastead
Where is the dining room table from?
Posted by Amanda Stuart
nicolekramer Updated can you tell me who makes the wallpaaper?
the table looks great, where can i buy one??
Posted by Peggy
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Posted by L Z
I love the coffee tables where did those come from?
Posted by Lsuren Bristow
I love the mirror
Posted by Melissa
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Nicole K Updated Yes I am also curious about the mirror , thanks
Posted by debcc
Where are the chairs from?
Posted by cph917
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Posted by Julie
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Stella Bella Updated Can you please confirm where the artwork was sourced?
Posted by Kezza
Where can I get the mirror?
Posted by ajsak22
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Where is mirror from
Posted by ajsak22
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Where do I buy the mirror side table/s between the 2 chairs?Thanks
Posted by andrew1990
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Please tell me where to buy that wallpaper????
Posted by krollins1
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I LOVE THE BUFFET!! The mirror hanging above, is that a tray?
Posted by dikeledi161967
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New Addition
Posted by Kylie Foot
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nataliejardim Updated What timber is this?
Where we the dining chairs from please ?
Posted by Alison Heslop
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Posted by A C
table base
Posted by Tiffany Perl
Hello, what is the dimension of the ceiling recess for the curtains?
Posted by Kiran
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Posted by missoggie
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Alma de la Cruz-Ruiz Updated Where is this buffet from ??? Love it
Can you please provide me information of where I can find these chairs
Posted by lagere
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love the dining chairs. Can you tell me where they are from?
Posted by Mike Graham
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Posted by Lisa Bordelon
Posted by Brandi Cunningham-Crowell
Please could you tell me how I could buy these chairs and the cost. Th
Posted by sammia
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dining set
Posted by jrwilmore
Are the chairs available in the US?
Posted by ptk1
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I love the leather sofa! Who is the manufacturer, please?
Posted by hbpeltier
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I want to purchase dining set?
Posted by lashon35
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where can i purchase this dining set?
Posted by lashon35
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Can you ship the chairs to the US? Michigan?
Posted by Addie Forchettte
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Adore the chairs & coffee table and rug just love everything buy where
Posted by Annette Larkin
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Desk Chair
Posted by Florence Street
Posted by Ruth Fergusson
Who makes the table?
Posted by Gloria Beare
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c wal Updated where can I get the table