Thanks for stopping by! Here you will find information about the elements that make up the Houzz brand and the proper way to use them.

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Using the Houzz Logo

To preserve the integrity of our identity, we want to ensure that both the Houzz mark and logotype are always recognisable and legible, and stand out against any competing design elements.

Logo Identity

Here is the primary logo lockup for Houzz. The primary logo lockup is recommended in cases where the logo will be scaled down to smaller sizes. As the scale relationship of this logo is fixed, do not adjust the relationship between the mark and the logotype.

Minimum Size

As the Houzz logo is scaled down to smaller sizes, the legibility of the logotype decreases. This lockup is recommended in cases where the logo will be scaled to smaller sizes.
Minimum height for digital: 20px
Minimum height for print: 0.125”

Clear Space

Clear space is an area surrounding the logo that should always be free of text or graphics. This clear space applies to all executions including print, web, broadcast media, and promotional items. This clear space should be applied to all cases of the Houzz logo.


The Houzz colour palette consists of two core colours: green and black.


Hex: #4DBC15

RGB: R77, G188, B21

CMYK: C62, M0, Y95, K0


Hex: #000000

RGB: R0, G0, B0

CMYK: C0, M0, Y0, K100

Logo with Solid Backgrounds

We use the full-coloured and reversed version of the logo when applying the logo against solid backgrounds. The following usage examples show our Houzz logo against background colours we recommend most: white, green, black and grey.

Logo use on Photos

The following are examples of logo usage on photographic backgrounds. Do not recreate the logo or alter the colours. Use the full-colour version of the Houzz logo on light photography and the reversed out version for darker photographs.

Logo Misuse

The Houzz identity should always be reproduced from approved artwork. The examples at left illustrate unacceptable uses of our identity. Please do not compromise or manipulate the Houzz identity in any way.
Do not alter the identity in any way.
Do not set the identity on an angle.
Do not change the colour in any part of the logo.
Do not use colour for both mark and logotype.
Do not rearrange the logo.
Do not outline the logo.

Social Media Icons

The Houzz mark can be used as an icon or button across various digital platforms. The Houzz icon can only be used in social media assets when it links to Houzz and our content.