Kitchen with with Island Design Ideas

Are you planning on adding an island to your kitchen design? Browse our picture gallery for inspiration before getting in touch with a professional builder or interior designer. You can even save your favourite photos and use them to brief your designer later!

Kitchen islands are a versatile and useful addition to any kitchen. Even if you have a small space, there’s clever design tricks to make it work. You can use filters to drill down further into more details that fit you, e.g. choose “size” > “compact” to see kitchen islands in small kitchens, or choose “style” > “modern” to see modern kitchen island designs. Or you can combine filters, e.g. choose “layout” > “l-shape” in addition to the compact size, and you’ll see small kitchens with l-shape layouts and kitchen islands!

Of course there’s cases you won’t find filters for, but even in this case we’ve got your inspiration needs covered. We’ve put together special collections for butcher block islands, kitchen islands with attached tables and the best lighting over an island. Even if you’re looking to add a kitchen island extension, there’s curated inspiration for you.

Here’s a few more things you may want to consider for your design:

Is your design practical?

Depending on your kitchen, you want an island that fits and adds value to your space. The fitting is where a professional can help, the value you can really brainstorm in ur gallery. Make your island work for you by adding appliances like a dishwasher or oven. Make your space really open and perfect for entertaining by placing a sink or cooktop on the island - you’ll never have to turn your back to your guests again! Adding seating instantly turns your island into a bar or separate eating area, whether you use bar stools or a sturdier option. The possibilities are endless. Storage is another factor. Whether you add a wine rack or a bookshelf, use your space wisely!

Which kitchen style do you want?

How would you describe the style of your kitchen? Your island needs to fit in. There’s no point in adding a country style island with a farmhouse sink if the rest of your kitchen is industrial. You also have a lot of options here. Stainless steel or a butcher block, moveable or not, you’ll want to pay attention to the surface you choose, the colours and the lighting above.

Have a browse, collect ideas and put together a better brief for your designer. It’s a great process to make your renovation go a lot smoother!