Replace corner fireplace

Sharon Nilsson
January 30, 2019

Hi, I have a corner fireplace that I would like to replace for a stand alone wood burner as I need to put a door in on the wall that adjoins the corner fireplace. How would I go about this? Thank you.

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  • oklouise

    what is the wall, floor ceiling, roof and fireplace made out of and what's on the other sides of both walls and some photos would help

  • Sharon Nilsson

    the walls are made of brick. one side is the garage which I want to convert into a third bedroom and the other side backs onto the second bedroom where I have wardrobes installed

  • oklouise

    if there's a brick chimney showing above the roof you'll need a builder, carpenter or very skilled handyperson to remove the bricks without allowing the roof and ceiling structure to be damaged, then install the doorway, repair the walls, roof, floors and ceiling but a garage usually needs extra waterproofing, lining and flooring to convert into a habitable space..not a simple job but well worth researching to gain an extra bedroom interested to see a full house plan to try and identify alternatives as the corner fireplace probably takes up less space than a stand alone wood burner and removing the old corner fireplace will be a very expensive job in addition to teh cost of the garage conversions.

  • Sharon Nilsson
    Thank you got that. I will ask our builder before doing anything.