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I consider myself to be good at making up my mind easily when I have an idea in my head. I went into the lighting shop with lots of enthusiasm to buy lights for my kitchen and soon realised I was overwhelmed by the variety of styles available. I brought some then returned them because when I took them home and held them up I was unimpressed with the style. I am happy with the style I finally brought but they are not up yet so hopefully I love them even more when they are installed. It was a confusing task buying lights!

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I hear you about the issue I've discussed many times about too much selection. I too am very good at making up my mind easily and when I was looking at lighting for example, once I spoted one that did in fact stick in my head, I would keep comparing others to it on lline until I was quite sure I had decided that the one I'd originally seen was the one.

I can't stress enough for people to look on line as it's so easy to do in the comfort of your own home.

I haven't failed with this concept albeit except for one set of pendants that had a fault and sat crooked, so I replaced them rather than get the same ones and perhaps be faced with the same problem again.

When I was ready for kitchen handles, I was overwhelmed all over again. I still can't understand why there has to be 3000 to chose from!!

What's wrong with 6?? LOL

Everything is finished now thank goodness so I hope you get to the same place as me!!

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Marcia Russell
Fabulous useful article and pictures.

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