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Mariele Storm

I'll always take a nice, big fluorescent light over can lights. Always. They're 1,000x better.

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Im back !! been busy renovating!
David I read your blog that you suggested to me in 2018 and really regret not reading it before we finished the ceilings ! wow, we blew the open concept livingroom and walls, its a good thing we face south and its very bright in the livingroom/Diningroom/Kitchen and its a small space

I looked at your placement in your blog and thank you very much for your pictures, they certainly make sense instead of putting lights on a grid pattern and hope that all areas are covered.
I would like to know about the laundry room and basement , which has a height of 80” in most places.
We will have a spare room for workout , office or I’m sure someone may use it as a bedroom , I don’t think I would put 3 lights across where we think the bed would go because then we have dictated where the bed will go or a desk will go, and there are 3 walls that a bed or desk could be put on.
There are window wells, one in each room, the laundry room, main room and the spare room so each room does get light at different times of the day. We do have enough height in the spare room to put a flush mount fixture in and then put recessed where suggested, this room is 10’ x 12’
There will be a finished washroom , and in the main area possibly a small bar, wall unit with TV There will be a large L shaped sofa with 2 chairs, all will be off the wall so we would need to rely on recessed ceiling lights.
We will put some lighting in the wall unit and have table lamps.
When you come down the stairs you walk to the end of the house (which isn’t far) and then you turn into the laundry room, so i would think we would need some lighting on that path .

Suggestions on how we tackle these rooms for lighting would be greatly appreciated as right now it’s holding us up not being able to insulate and close the ceiling up as we have been at a loss for a lighting plan and don’t want to look like a light bright game on the ceiling!

Unfortunately I don’t have the scaled drawing of the basement yet.

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Very good article and pictures!

Recessed Lighting are good for many styles. The major downside - the ceiling should be ready for them (have space and bearing ability).

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