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I love my organized drawers.

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My spices are stored in magnetic cannisters. I had my cabinet maker insert a thin steel plate on the backs of the cabinet doors and shorten the shelves the thickness of the cannisters. They are alphabetized and I snap them back when done so they are always where I look for them.

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Way too much stuff is needed in the prep area than I have room for. 😭 Now what?Some of my best pots are too big for the cabinets near the stove. 😭 Now what?
I live with a little inefficiency. I have way too many drawers near the range for the few things I need there, so some of the prep things go in the cooking area.
What do you do with things that are used in two activities? The microwave gets used in the prep area (onions), and also to reheat food for the eat-in kitchen. I guess that's prep, so prep area, but now I just lost counter space I don't have enough of. Plan for a microwave drawer? How hard are those to replace when they go, or lift things out of when my arthritis acts up? I'm asking...
But this is a good article. It makes a lot of sense. It's my kitchen that doesn't make sense for me.
I'm not throwing away my meat grinder, but it doesn't have to go in the kitchen, does it? I can put a few things in the garage, right? My canning goods?


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