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What happens to synthetic carpets when they have worn out? Can any of them be recycled, or are they all destined for landfill? One of the most important reasons for choosing carpets made from natural materials is that they can be composted when they have worn out, rather than contributing to our enormous waste problem. We used our old carpet (with the jute backing facing upwards) as weed matting/slope stabilisation and it took about 5-6 years to break down. I would never buy synthetic carpet as, even if it can be recycled, it will be downcycled and will still eventually end up in landfill. Surely, in 2017, we should be moving away from oil-based products as much as possible, especially where there is a readily available alternative?

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nzcookie I totally agree - a previous owner of our last house used synthetic carpet as weed matting in the back garden...30 years on we were still pulling out long threads of some horrible synthetic material every time we dug or raked. We just couldn't get rid of it all.

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Just started looking for carpet after 22 years. All I could see in the shop was a sea of brown or grey. Is there a new trend coming other these colours?
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