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Hi, our Melbourne house is on a slab, built about 40 years ago with a gas outside boiler. I’m pretty sure the pipes are poly. Heats well but very inefficient. Would like a system that could be interchanged with pool heating in summer. Currently not enough roof space available as we have 2kw of solar panels plus pool heating. I don’t want to heat the pool with anything other than solar as that’s definitely too expensive to run. Any suggestions please?

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Georgina Cusack
Sheila Whittam, so pleased to hear your positive comments about inslab hydronic heating run via a heat pump. We are actually in the process of a new build and using this same technology and are building a well sealed and insulated north facing home. All the guys working on the build comment on how lovely it is to get inside on these frosty mornings, and that is without any heating on yet.
We also have our total lower floor polished concrete and I have a problem understanding another comment posted in this link from a reviewer who stated that a friend's polished concrete floor had not fared well with very heavy traffic. I suspect that the floor had not been ground and polished but in fact had had a polyurethane varnish applied. This is a different process to a true grind and polish which is a more costly process. The polyurethane can go Yellow with age and requires ongoing maintenance.
After living in a home with vast amounts of light coloured tiles, I would not go down that path again as they were always cold underfoot. In our almost completed build, the darker concrete absorbs the sun's heat in a way that our tiles never did. Another must do in any build is slab edge insulation. An often neglected area, particularly with mass builders.
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Australian Sun Energy Pty Ltd

Warmboard is a premium hydronic system that can go under engineered timber, tiles, carpet. Reverse cycle heat pumps are the preferred heat source as this allows more options. You can use them to heat the underfloor hydronic heating, the domestic hot water and in summer switch over to a chilled water cooling system. Team this system up with solar pv and you are looking at a very efficient energy system to supply heating and cooling.

We work closely with EcoTimber as we know their product heatwood a ceramic backed timber flooring works well with Warmboard.

Warmboard comes in two types. Warmboard S can be used as the sub floor and Warmboard R is perfect for retrofits and second floors.

If you want to know more give us a call on 1300 137 407


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