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Hi Richard

we need more building police ;-), getting new home builders/buyers to realise the value of passive design, quality checks, blower door tests etc.. is like pushing water uphill with a rake. I was in a house late last year before electrical fitoff and tested the "sealing" by having a candle being blown out by the draft through a cut out - this was laughed off by the builder as "at least they'll have lots of fresh air"



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Alison Wright

I wish the government would hurry up and introduce better mandatory standards for homes in Australia. Thoroughly well insulated homes (Roof,wall and floors), a well sealed envelope and double or triple glazed windows should be in all new homes. Everyone deserves the right to live in a comfortable home that doesn’t cost a fortune to keep at a comfortable temperature.
It’s ludicrous that Australia has more people die of hyperthermia in their home than Sweden which has much colder outdoor temperatures.
The sooner these things become mandatory the sooner the prices come down and builders will be operating on a level playing field.
Equally important is the need to have adequate testing throughout the build and suitable penalties to apply for not meeting the core standards to protect both the companies doing the right thing and all consumers.
We all need to be pushing governments and those in the building industry to get better outcomes in this very important area.

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There needs to be less tax and/or markup on insulation and double glazed windows and other sustainable and eco-friendly products. We are building new and because we want these things our small build will cost more than building a much larger project home.


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