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Tansel Stainless Steel Pull Out Storage

Another option for allowing clear visibility into your pantry or any cabinet for that matter Is to do away with your shelves and install stainless steel wire baskets. Full extension and maximum weight capacity. DIY friendly!

TANSEL Under Bench Pull Out Wire Baskets · More Info

Tansel Stainless steel Wireware

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My daughter went for frosted glass, where the contents are not really visible. A friend went a step further when she used coloured frosted glass! It has a certain colonial charm.

I like wire drawers and may Instal them in a space under my cooking counter where a gas cylinder resided before we got piped gas. Right now two small stands occupy the space but it's not very convenient. I'd like to just pull out, not reach in!

My daughter opted for wire baskets with solid drawer fronts. They are of diferent depths and the topmost, intended for small items, are made of perforated steel rather than wire. My only issue is that they can be noisy.

I have used wire baskets in wardrobes too, but our very humid seaside climate means we have to be careful about rust marks. Finally I had to get canvas liners made for them, which rather defeated the purpose.

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Josie Baker
I had a small kitchen and 3 cabinets had glass windows , found it very difficult could never pop groceries in them as it looked messy , so had them replaced with solid doors

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