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Jilly Possum

I really like the combination of a high-quality standalone unit in such close proximity to the main family house. I'm concerned about the floor, though. Firstly, it looks cold to me - you'd want to have your slippers lined up beside the bed before you got up in the morning (or in the middle of the night). But then it would be dangerous to have loose rugs on a polished surface, whether you're young and fit or old and tottery. It'd be fine in summer, but even Margaret River has a winter of some kind - north-facing windows don't help much when it's cold and grey outside.

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Leimac Building

hi Debbie, when it comes time for you to plan your own build, we are more than happy to facilitate a ramp, and create a deck in the position you want. Every location has its own quirks and demands. This build responds to the owners' brief so they got exactly what they wanted, within BAL guidelines. :D

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Sutara Ling

Jilly Possum, perhaps there is underfloor heating-? Your thouights are mine exactly-that whole unforgiving, hard, cold concrete floor thing-esp with babies/toddlers/pre-schoolers-urgh. . . Tho carpets can be affixed casually. I thought the ceiling looked a little low, (but probs fits with the standing buuilding, and the shiny-shoe robes doors im unsympatico with, ditto the ensuite layout-but as the Leimac say- its the brief.


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