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It's taken me years to even begin to crack the knack of room layout, especially living room design. Bedroom design is tricky, too, and I see there's a story about small bedroom design that's come up. I'm still learning - I never feel I've got it quite right. I'll keep working on it!

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I have a very large window facing North (Australia) and the view is to die for, I placed a couch facing that view but the glare was doing my head in! I turned the couch 90 degrees and bought an old 1940's couch opposite that. The TV lives in a corner ever so diagonally to the first couch, to the right, away from the view but enough to stop reflective glare on the screen. So if I want views I sit on the '40's couch on days where the glare is less, and if I want to watch television, (which is rarely these days with computers!) I sit on the other. If I have visitors we all can still talk easily but the room is small and this layout adds a cosiness to it, but still being free to walk about and also enjoy the lovely view.

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Black and Milk | Interior Design | London

Thanks for the feature


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