Form and Foliage
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Blog focusing on year-round garden interest with minimal care, using woody foliage plants rather than herbaceous perennials.

Services Provided
Plant selection, plant placement, color theory

Areas Served
SF Bay Area, Zone 9b
Contact: Sara Malone
Location: 909 Mustang Court
Petaluma, CA 94954
Commented: What’s missing? Plantkiller was making a joke, too! Ron, no one understands us...
Commented: ACS Conifer Quarterly You have no idea the pain that I have endured with those damn Tsugas! :-)
Commented: Will a high enough raised bed prevent wineberry from spreading? I tried growing them for a while but suffered a series of unrelated crop failures and finally realized that I am just a lousy farmer. when I go visit my brother or sister in summer they always try to ...
Commented: Festuca glauca elijah blue? Thx i just looked - my error. Mine is 'Boulder Blue'.it's supposedly tougher and more drought tolerant. Thx for catching!
Commented: conifer fashion sense Lovely!