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Michael Fogarty Building Design
Site Planning Services in Adelaide, South Australia
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars3July,2018
“I have worked with Michael of MF Design both professionally (as a Builder/Developer), and as his client when he designed my own home. Michael's ability to quickly produce conceptual sketches and 3D renders at the initial stages of the project streamlines the fundamental stage of settling on the general design. Fast tracking this process is critical given the length nature of planning and building and has proven very valuable by ensuring projects reach documentation stage sooner. I have found MF Design’s network of experienced consultants (structural and civil engineers, energy efficiency consultants, town planners, etc.) ensure cost efficient designs and an expedited approval process. MF Design’s fees have always been very competitive, hence our valued business relationship. I would recommend Michael and MF Design every day of the week, testament to this opinion, is his previous engagement on the design of my own home. Great guy and great operation.”
Catnik Design Studio
Site Planning Services in Adelaide, South Australia
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars18December,2020
“Highly recommend Cathy and Nick. Listened to us but had some great ideas to suggest. Presented a couple of different concepts in the planning phase and nothing was too much trouble. Punctual and good communication. Delighted with the finished product!”
Site Planning Services in Adelaide, South Australia
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars11October,2016
“It is my pleasure to work with Travis Dunning over the last year. He has delivered exceptional outcomes that resulted two successful developments with 8 townhouses in Adelaide. He managed all steps from ideas to preliminary sketch to full Council's approval very efficiently. He also overcame many site's constraints and complied all Council's requirements to create spacious, well designed and stylist modern houses for generations to come. I strongly recommend you to Travis Dunning for your next home or development project.”
Mavtect Designs
Site Planning Services in Adelaide, South Australia
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars11November,2020
“Throughout our planning and design evolution, Mavtect demonstrated excellence in customer service. While working collaboratively with us and our Interior Designer, our needs were always forefront and this has resulted in an architectural design that achieves all our goals, while remaining practically economical, highly functional and proactively innovative. Our experience was faultless and we highly recommend Mavtect for creative residential building design.”
Graff Design & Construction
Site Planning Services in Adelaide, South Australia
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars14June,2017
“We recently engaged Graff Design to design and construct an expanded garage and a new living/sun room that involved a major roof realignment. They had previously completed a few minor jobs for us which we were pleased with, so this gave us the confidence to use them for a bigger project. Through design, planning and construction, Les and Anya were extremely professional. We had a fixed price contract and the job was completed ahead of schedule. Importantly, we were able to establish an open and honest relationship with Les and Anya (and son Tony). We were also impressed with the quality and timeliness of the various sub-contractors. We highly recommend Graff Design.”
Yardstick Landscape Services
Site Planning Services in Adelaide, South Australia
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars22January,2013
“Peter at Yardstick provided exceptional advice and practical answers to our wants and needs. They have received repeat business and forwarded to friends and family members for consultancy”
Living Pictures Garden Design
Site Planning Services in Adelaide, South Australia
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars19February,2018
“Just leave it to Tony... My wife and I deliberated for a long time about whether hiring a garden designer would bring a return on investment and add value to our home - however, we were in a predicament. During the planning of our soon-to-be built, split-level home on a sloping block, we were often left wondering how to landscape the front yard, some 2-3 metres from road level. It certainly was not a DIY job, and getting it to look like it was all 'part of the plan' rather than afterthought, was creating a lot of anxiety, both in ideas and cost. The rear yard also required a set of encumbrances to be met and be constructed in a way that maximised the natural slope of the land and be sympathetic to neighbouring properties. We met with Tony, and he sketched out his concepts for the front and back garden. The design was tremendous, his skill at designing a unique landscape 'on-the-spot' were incredible, all without a finished house to provide any reference to either - just some builders plans. Tony's knowledge of landscape construction and building techniques enabled us to spend money on elements of the landscape that would afford us the most impact for our home and provide us with spaces to be enjoyed with relatively low maintenance. His landscaping team was very good, they completed their work with precision, care and efficiency. Towards the end of the project, Tony gave his time on a weekend to come and show us how to plant and help do the set-out in the rear garden so we could feel as thought we were part of the project. All work was complete inline with the original concepts and plans. The budget was pretty much on track too, with some unknown elements blowing out - but that is the nature of building and construction which you accept. Hiring Living Pictures Garden Design was one of the best investments we have made for our new home. What we didn't think could be achieved, was actually made possible. If you are ever 'on-the-fence' about hiring a garden designer, just do it - but just make sure it's Tony.”
Site Planning Services in Adelaide, South Australia
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars9March,2020
“Sam was an absolute professional and great to work with. He was very thorough and identified issues not picked up by other parties in the planning process. He made sure everything was built to plans and acted very quickly with my draftsman, engineers and carpenter to resolve issues. It was a pleasure working with Sam, I'd recommend him highly.”
Kevin Casey Design
Site Planning Services in Adelaide, South Australia
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars12March,2017
“Kevin was fantastic from our first meeting and he made the entire process of renovating much smoother for us. We transformed our house into a 4 bd, play room, and 3 bathroom house. Kevin took my wife and I through the design process and it was amazing. He began by spending 2 hrs the first time we met, sitting at our dining table, after kids were in bed. During this time he was getting to understand us and to get a feel for our lifestyle to work out what was important to us. Once we had the brief done then he came back for another 2hr session, again after the kids were in bed, and he presented us with options. To be honest we fell in love with the sketches and it felt like he had been reading our minds. It was unbelievable. Kevin then helped us with the tender process and I still recall the reactions from the builders with respects to the degree of detail in the drawings. This allows the builders to provide more accurate estimates and it would lead to fewer disputes during the build process. This saved me on a number of occasions. Thank you Kevin and Jeff for making our dream home become a reality.”
Site Planning Services in Adelaide, South Australia
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars20March,2017
“Marius was extremely prompt and efficient with his service. Great communication and also assisted with additional ideas and suggestions which I had not thought of. I required quite a few changes but nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommend.”
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