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All wood house - what to paint?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I after some advice on painting our house, it's all Cyprus pine ... walls, ceiling and floors! There is a darker wood trim around the doors and a square molding through out.

There are no windows, just french doors which are a dark green (see photos). When we bought it, we liked the 'cottage in the woods' feel, but living in it, find it very dark and oppressive, specially in winter.

We have decided to paint, but can't agree on what to paint :)

Do we paint the whole thing, trim, molding and all?

Or do we leave the trim, and molding doing the walls, and ceiling,

Or just the walls, leaving the ceiling and changing the trim?

I'd really appreciate some help, here is a few pics to give you some visuals ...

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