Ensuite design help please! Tile dilemma

Maya A
January 12, 2020

Hello! I am having a little crisis with our ensuite tiling. We have a fairly small, kind-of L-shaped ensuite (layout attached), and wanting to keep it clean, bright and contemporary.

Our tapware, trim and fittings are all white and chrome, with an avantgarde basin mixer (see images).

Our floor tile is honed terrazzo in neutral/taupe/charcoal/beige hues.

I am planning to use a plain white subway tile on the wall - haven't decided on a matching or subtly contrasting grout (suggestions please!).

To add a little more depth of colour to the walls, we are planning to run the terrazzo floor tile up the shower recess wall/s. My main dilemma is deciding which wall/s to bring the terrazzo up, without the ensuite looking too "beige".

I've named each wall with a letter on the layout. Should I keep it simple and just run the terrazzo up wall "D" with the shower head/mixer? Or should I run it up walls C, D & E inside the whole shower recess (and if so, should it extend up to the ceiling, or just to the top of the glass screen?), or should we run it up the whole B/C wall? Or up wall A, behind the toilet and vanity?

I would be so extremely grateful for any design advice - I really want to get this right. Thank you so much!

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