I need help with my ensuite & bathroom design, it's a tricky one!

14 days ago
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I'm looking for your wonderful suggestions on how I can get a bigger ensuite. I would like to lose the spare room/study and move the bathroom and extend the ensuite. We have the dilemma of the combustion fire flue which comes through the main bathroom. I would love to get rid of it but there isn't really a place to move the downstairs fireplace. So I was thinking that it could be designed so it comes in the hallway not bathroom and maybe have sliding door to hide it in summer? Then add a linen cupboard next to it? Not sure how to work our room so we still have the same amount of wardrobe space (walk-in robe?) or more, with possibly two basin vanity. Plus still have a nice family bathroom. The windows can't be changed as they are above the garage roof.

I have seen so many great ideas on here and would love your help please.

Thanks Jen

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