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Floor Plan Re-design

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

From day 1 of since purchasing our home, we have had plans to renovate. Now that day has come! We have 6 months before it'll all be too hard, so really need to get a move on now! We will be putting in a new kitchen, new bathroom, new laundry, new flooring, and for a better layout overall will be moving some walls and doorways in the main living areas. Our main hate is the hexagonal raised dining room in the middle of the floor plan. Without disclosing the ideas we already have, I'd like to hear others thoughts and ideas on the floor plan changes, flooring style, and styles and designs for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Perhaps you did a renovation to a similar room recently? Maybe you think of something we haven't yet... Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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