Which kitchen layout?

Lorraine Cobcroft
4 months ago

I want to open the kitchen in our home to the outdoor living area (currently labelled 'carport' but being semi-enclosed to make a dedicated outdoor dining and recreation room). I also want to increase the kitchen size and have a proper butler's pantry.

There is currently a store room behind the existing pantry that I think could convert easily to a butler's pantry, so the existing walk-in pantry can be demolished. I have two concepts - one inserting a servery window to the outdoors and the other relocating the storeroom door and inserting a door directly from the kitchen to the outside living area. The only slight disadvantage of the second concept is that we would be walking through the pantry to get to the laundry and garage, but I don't see that as a major issue. Washing would be carried out the sliding door in the garage, not back through the pantry.

I have posted sketches of both, plus the house floor plan.

I would be really grateful for any other suggestions, or just comments on which would work best.

Please note that the sink can only move left or right within the servery as the drainage plumbing cannot be relocated, and the gas hotplate must be close to the outside wall to pipe gas in easily.

Many thanks.

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