Exterior design concept

18 days ago

I want to bring my house into the 21st century but have a limited budget. The things I'd like to incorporate is timber decking to the front of the house, a mix of rendering, brick and another product whether that be wood or tile. The reason I don't want to render everything is that there are a number of fixtures on the outside walls of my house that would be difficult to render around so I thought a mix of say three elements would be a solution. Not sure whether to leave the existing front screen wall and feature it somehow or remove this and perhaps put a screen wall on the front boundary.

In the future I may well go up another level so the changes I make would need to consider this as the back of my house overlooks a beautiful ocean view. The dormer section at the front actually provides light for the entry and also an internal bathroom so I need the light in from the windows that you can see in the roof.

My colour scheme will be white and monument or something similar. Any assistance with conceptual elevation ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm ready to start the reno and have been for a few years but not sure how to incorporate a modern concept.

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