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Tiny living area help

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hi, Just wondering if anyone would have any ideas on how to furnish a really small lounge/dining room? We are thinking of purchasing a property with the living and dining area of 5.8m long and 3.8m wide. We would like a tiny four seater table https://www.fantasticfurniture.com.au/Categories/Living-&-Dining/Dining-Room/Dining-Sets/Toto-4-Seater-Dining-Set-With-Elke-Chairs/p/TOTDIN5PCOP3_1

and were hoping to get a three seater and at least 1, if not 2, armchairs in. We have a tv unit that is 1.45m long.

I have had a play, but not sure. This is how the current ower has it, but the lounge placement isn't great and we would want a more streamline look. We were thinking of backing the lounge against the windows and having the unit on the oposite wall to the windows....

Thank you!

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