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Tina Heath
This is a great article. We’ve had vigils since our house was built 8 years ago. My question is.....the centre 2 panels are now struggling to latch into the runner, indicating to me that there is a bit of sagging, possibly in the supporting beam above?

If faced with the hassle of replacing the whole door system (cha-ching$$$), could we look at other door systems? Or are we faced with replacing like-for-like because the framework has been built into the house....

Thanks Houzzers!
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Aalta Australia

Great article guys! So many innovative and creative solutions!

I couldn't help but notice that so many of the outdoor spaces could use a retractable roof. Retractable roof not only look amazing but are highly functional.

If you have any questions about shade and weather systems and services around the Sydney, please visit | We will be happy to help!

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All the homes featured are high-end newly built specimens with huge door spaces opening out to the outdoors; what about the more traditional suburban homes? I would like some ideas of what to do with the sliding door from the family room leading out to the back patio. None of these comes even close!


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