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Glendalough Woodcraft

Nice article with some great advice, with good design and well made pieces the small under utilised spaces in houses and apartments can be transformed.

Boot room storage · More Info
Utility room storage · More Info
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Webado Webada

I have lots of trouble accepting open shelves, whether in the kitchen or elsewhere in the home. The dust that gathers on everything is a real turn-off. I have closed cabinets in my kitchen, glass encased china cabinets in my dining room and living room and several wall units with glass door throughout the house.

Right, it's not a small space at all, but I don't see what space open shelving can possibly gain anywhere, other than perhaps it's cheaper to buy and easier to install.

In my office I currently have a hodge-podge of old furniture (2 old kiddie desks with hutches with open shelves and a stand-alone desk where I work). I hate this and plan to replace everything as soon as I can find something better. For now my desk seems to be irreplaceable as it's very deep unlike all the desks we find today which are very narrow. But I truly want to get rid of all the open shelving and have proper cabinets. One day ... maybe.

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I moved from a roomy 3 bedroom house and garage to a small 1 bed +
study flat. Had to be super careful with storage when doing the
refurb. I now have a full wall of open storage in my study/work room -
houses ALL SORTS of things, from office stuff to picnic and camping
gear to puzzles, gifts, crafts and music. I also have a wall of shelves
in living area for books and a few precious items I could bear to part
with. TV is also incorporated into this wall. The hot water
system from large storage cylinder in HW cupboard was switched to a gas instant unit housed outside, freeing up good sized storage for
linen and for those things that used to be in my laundry (now have WM
in bathroom). My last and FAVOURITE trick was to use a beautiful old set of kauri
pantry drawers for my junk drawer. You know, where all those bits and
pieces go - string, batteries, place mats, playing cards, umbrellas,
keys, dog brush, her record diary and worm tablets, torch etc etc. It
has drawers of many sizes with different divisions so is the ultimate
junk drawer! And pretty with it - warm old kauri timber with original
brass handles. Love it!


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