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Webado Webada

Almost one year later I rediscovered this article :)

Last summer in August we redid all our landscaping. We kept 4 mature trees, several mature cedars and the huge cedar hedges on either side of the house. Everything else was removed, the grass (or rather weed infested layer) was removed, new top soil was spread and grass turf.

We built a walkway with patio stones all around the house, joining with the driveway on both sides.

We also built 3 flower beds: one in the back along the back fence, one irregular shaped on in front of the house under the living room window (that used to be a rock garden originally) and another round one near the street inside the horseshoe of our circular driveway.

We installed an irrigation system which helped establish the new lawn.

We planted many perennial plants and 2 small flowering trees (a lilac and a magnolia) and hope they will survive this first winter.

We had also planted 2 fairly tall hydrangea trees and a hydrangea shrub but they've all been stolen. The 2 hydrangea trees were stolen the first time at the end of August, 10 days after they had been planted and after we planted 2 new ones in mid September, sometime after mid October they were stolen too, along with the shrub. Infuriating!

I did the "design" if you can call it that, drawn to scale on graph paper, with various spots and areas numbered. I attached a list of everything that was supposed to go into all the numbered spots. The only pre-existing structures are the old shed and the trees we kept. This helped the landscaper give us a good and accurate estimate (better and more complete than we got from all other landscapers we'd contacted).

If and when spring will finally arrive (don't expect anything before end of April in Montreal) we should see flowers from the spring bulbs I planted last fall: tulips, daffodils, allium and whatnot. At least whatever wasn't dug up and eaten by squirrels with whom I had a real fight. Seems that coffee grinds helped the most unless it's because there were no more bulbs to be dug up and eaten. They even dug them up after I put mothballs everywhere, silly buggers!

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Pierce Hill Design, ltd.

It sounds like you did some lovely improvements. The stolen shrubs must have been a terrible surprise. I am more familiar with trying to guard against the 4 legged variety of thieves. I am sure that your bulbs will offer some lovely early season interest. Keep up the coffee grounds if that is what works best. Digging in some blood meal and bone meal can also be helpful and will also add nutrition. Enjoy!

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Webado Webada

I was and still am murderous after those thefts! When we complained to the police they asked if we had video footage. Well nope. We'll be putting in an outdoor security camera (gifted to us by our son this past Christmas) as soon a spring comes. In 32 years of living in this house in this neighborhood we've never had such a theft!

As for the thieving squirrels, we'll have to wait and see what if anything comes up in the spring.


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