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I agree about the minimalist approach for all the reasons you stated but for me it's also the clutter look that doesn't appeal to me.
To me, pots and pans everywhere, screams I didn't have time to put them away before you came ha-ha.....and it's allot of work making sure those items look pretty spiffy, as everyone that visits will be looking!!
As I mentioned in my earlier post, the modern looking kitchen doesn't even look like its used, let alone having more than a few perfectly chosen artistic pieces in just the right place!!
I know this look is a little over the top as well but you can't ignore just how lovely and elegant and uncluttered kitchen can look.
The kitchen is now the centre of living and not the lounge as it once used to be and Kerrie I too love plants, so another reason why I agree with you about the kitchen being uncluttered.
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Where can you find these hooks please
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I wouldn't mind a cupboard (perhaps a slide out one?) with hooks inside where you could hang these things, so that they are all handy and easy to access, but I would definitely want them INSIDE a cupboard, away from the fumes. I think hanging these things out in the open (aside from the cluttered look) would only suit a commercial kitchen, or a HUGE family, where most things are used daily. Otherwise, (even if you didn't bother washing them regularly, just because they look terrible) you'd have to wash everything twice - before and after use

I have better things to do with my time

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