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Hoopers Creek, NC Environmental Services and Restoration
Tom and Nico go above and beyond to make sure you understand the value in their cutting edge products, meet your needs and then some, make it easy with financing options, and their quotes are solid, even when they need to use more material or do something special. They hear of issues you have that have nothing to do with their products, and help you there too! Recommending talented and reasonable people who can meet those needs as well. I can't say enough about their thoughtfulness and integrity. They did not oversell and took a look at what my needs and concerns were. I felt comfortable they knew what they were talking about and gave me all the information i needed to make an informed decision. On top of this the products are INCREDIBLE. I first got the Power Box and needed the larger box due to my solar system creating a lot of dirty energy. The EMF readings went from 750 upstairs to 34 (under 50 is optimal). I think I dodged a bullet health-wise as i work from home. As well as the health benefits, the electric runs more efficiently (less electric cost), it saves the life of motorized appliances AND my solar inverter, and acts as a surge protector for the entire house. The air felt lighter, cooler, and less pressurized when the box went on. I got the Stetzerizer meter so I can monitor and verify the difference. Everyone with solar I think needs this for health reasons, but who doesn't want to spend less on their electric bill, appliances, etc? I just had the Green Shield insulation put in the attic of my house and garage and look forward to an incredible R factor as it resists 97% of radiant heat, is environmentally safe and nothing to out-gas, has a 25 yr warranty and is recognized by the government as being eligible for rebate. The guys that put it in were hard workers, conscientious, and did a good job. They didn't rush it and preferred to 'do it right'. I feel so well protected and would recommend Eleeos and their products enthusiastically.
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