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Encaustic Tiles

7 years ago
Hi there - super new to this site :)

DH & I are in the process of building our new home. A Queenslander style home up here in Cairns with a vintage/queenslander/elegant/industrial feel..... i know... I have a mish mash of styles there but I have piles of scrap books & a pretty clear vision in my mind.

However, since I have started this building process I have started to doubt myself on things I was so sure on. It's like i get stage fright as soon as I have to make a final decision... the cutting, pasting & sweet ideas were fun, but now I have to CHOOSE!!!!! Argh!!!!!

Anyway, I am sure I will have many questions as we are now approaching fit out stage... but my first being "Encaustic Tiles"
I have loved them my whole adult life, and now seeing they are so in fashion It has tarnished the plan on doing my main bathroom floor in them.

Picture this - large wet area style shower, with over head rain shower, chandelier, claw foot bath, white 100x200 subway tiles... then these: (see picture)

So, my question is.... do you think I should go for it? Or will I hate them in a few years? Should I go with something more neutral like a concrete look?


vintagepoppy x

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