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Floor Plan for Queen Anne Villa

last month

Hi all,

I'm hoping that i can get some advice for you friendly folk on floor plan options for my Queen Anne Villa because like most others who post on here, i'm suffering from analysis paralysis! Whilst this is my 3rd renovation project, it's the first one by myself and whilst i am more of a 'do-er', i'm pretty useless at design! :-) All i know is that i'm keen to retain the character of the house whilst bringing it into the 21st century.

So the story is that i live in a seaside suburb in Adelaide (approx 400m from the beach). As mentioned, the house is a Queen Anne Villa and was built in 1905. It is of brick construction and the main structure is sound. I have baltic pine floorboards throughout. I'm on a corner block that is 929m2.

I'll add the existing floorplan and satellite image below but there are some things to take note of:

* There are two 'lean to' structures that were added on in the 1970's. My intention will be to have them demolished. In the case of the larger lean to, this means that i lose a kitchen and bathroom. I anticipate having to build a new extension but i don't see it being as big as what is there.

* The smaller lean to i see being replaced by a similar sized structure/extension that would serve as a walk in robe/ensuite which would service Bed 2 or Bed 3 (or both).

* Bed 1 is an interesting room as there are windows on the northern and eastern walls, with a fireplace on the southern wall (adjoining Bed 2). I currently use it as an office (the previous owner used it as a library), but because of it's existing layout and the fact that it's not fully square i'm unsure how functional it would be as a bedroom.

* The room marked 'study', isn't really a study but more of a passageway to get to the rear/side garden. Potential laundry, although i'd have to move the door for Bed 4 to accomodate

* I potentially see Bed 5 as a bathroom, although am unsure whether it's an appropriate size.

* The stairs in the middle of the house lead to a basement. The basement downstairs mirrors the floor plan upstairs! There's not much that i can do with the basement as it can't be classed as habitable for height and ventilation reasons (it's not as creepy as it sounds!!)

* As far as outdoor entertaining goes, i much prefer the southern outlook as opposed to the northern outlook. I very much dislike the patio that is on the northern side.

* In the satellite image you'll see a large shed. I intend on getting rid of this.

As far as budget goes, i would say that it's reasonable and it could be up to 20% of the house value. Bear in mind that i'm referring to Adelaide prices!! :-)

Thank you....Richard.

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