Front yard landscaping ideas

Pete Mudge
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hi guys,

I'm looking to re-landscape my front yard. As you can see from the pic, it's a blank canvas! The dimensions are approximately 4.7m across the front by 4.6m along the side fence (Note: the sick agapanthus and rock bed are my neighbours yard).

As some background information, I live about 1.5km from the beach, the front yard is north facing and gets full (hot Adelaide) sun, and can get very windy. Would also like some privacy for the front window.

I am looking at options for:

- Side fencing and/or hedging to provide separation from neighbours yard.

- New letterbox

- Feature tree/s and lush underplanting.

Was thinking along the lines of a Crepe Myrtle for the feature tree but open to suggestions. I really like the idea of citrus and olive trees too and more of the edible garden approach. No real idea what to underplant with.

Will also be looking to excavate soil (as current soil is just rubble left over from build) and put in new soil.

I understand a full-blown design is asking for too much but any ideas or leads to investigate would be awesome.


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