'Unique' front of house redesign/landscape w/sunken garage/small yard

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We have a unique little brick bungalow house, our first house. She's not pretty but she's ours! :) We would love to redesign our small front yard. Hoping to get some ideas as we're a bit stumped.

Space is at a premium as it's a small area. Main aim to gain some privacy, and hopefully so we can use the front yard more, as we're unfortunately losing our backyard when we subdivide.

Would love some ideas and thoughts, I really can't find anything comparable in terms of an upgrade/facelift/landscape redesign of front of house, that has a sunken garage like ours.

We'd like to install a fence and hedging to the boundary of our property, though I'm stuck as to what to do about the narrow little garden beds on either side of the sunken garage. I'd like to plant them with some sort of hedging too, which would give us added privacy from up and down the street.

The carport to the left will eventually be removed as it becomes the driveway to the rear lot. The very large magnolia tree will be removed. We need to keep the sunken garage (already had a landscaper contact suggest it would be lovely for a pool as the excavation has already been done!) We could possibly extend the small front deck forwards somewhat too, but this will be down the track.

Other ideas include adding a one-car garage/carport, but I think our space will be too limited for this. I also like the idea of installing a sliding gate for access to the sunken garage, which would also help keep the front yard enclosed (although we don't have pets or kids to consider).

We are in the City of Canning.

Would love to hear your thoughts

(Updated pics to some better ones)

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