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Walk-in or Built-in Pantry? 1.1 x 2m too small for a walk-in pantry?

7 years ago

We are down to the last tiny detail of choosing which extension plan we will go with. We have two options for the kitchen: one with a walk-in pantry (that is tiny) and one with a reasonably generous 1m wide built-in pantry with the other cabinets.

I have been desperate for a walk in but we only have room for a little one. The plan has it as 1.2 wide x 1.6 long. I think we can stretch it to 2m long but can't go any wider. See plans attached. We can probably move the fridge so the shelf runs the whole length of that wall.

Is this simply too small/narrow for a nice walk in? I want it to work as both food storage, and to have some bench space for a couple of appliances like toaster, kettle, sandwich maker.

We can't shave any more off the laundry as we want to accommodate a decent linen and space to do some ironing.

My husband and I are going around in circles on this. I'm slightly leaning to the wall pantry. He is keen on the walk-in. Genuinely 50/50 undecided.

Have to finalise it asap.

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