Polytec Melamine versus Formica -kitchen cabinets?

Wally Gerrie
7 years ago

Am replacing out kitchen cabinets. We love the grainy look of the Polytec Ravine range but have heard from some sources that there have been issues with the substrate they use? Apparently this is not a concern with Formica but the latter does not have that textured feel that we are after. Comments?

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  • robynzdesinz
    7 years ago

    While i have no opinion on which is better product, can i warn against textured surfaces in a kitchen. They are very difficult to clean particularly on kitchen cabinets. Our old house had texture, very challenging, new house has ultra smooth glossy doors. Love them. Also they were perfect for our very dull, dingy kitchen as they reflect the light instead of absorbing it. Good luck with your project.

  • PRO
    Specialised Joinery Solutions
    7 years ago

    Laminex (who retail Formica) also have a similar finish called Riven- It is a textured timber look melamine. We have not heard anything untoward about the substrate, it is generally just a MR MDF, a standard board that all laminates are pressed onto. This is the Laminex range-