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July 1, 2018
I am trying to find info about whether you can place two or more mirrored shaving cabinets next to each other to create a longer mirror like in the pic...?
I can’t find anywhere if you can actually do this and still be able to open the doors. Does anyone know please??

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    Dr Retro House Calls

    Yes, you can purchase double and triple-fronted shaving cabinets. Just make sure that one of the doors is centered over the vanity basin. Nothing worse than having the crack between the doors in the middle of your reflection!

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    This was a triple-fronted pre-made shaving cabinet thta I specified on a job as it was cheaper than custom-made, and is recessed into the wall slightly from Reece Bathrooms,

    Best of luck,

    Dr Retro

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  • siriuskey

    Hi again, yes they come in different widths and heights, tall ones can look really good but it depends on your bathroom. Go online. any good Plumbing stores and good old Bunnings will make a special order if they don't actually have the one you want in store. cheers

  • KK1000
    Any kitchen / cabinets maker can make it to your specifications and it will definitely fit.
  • MrsRicho
    Thanks everyone.
    I should have worded it better...
    I mean could I put a 750wide next to another 750wide (so it’s 1500 all up) and still be able to use the doors correctly?

    The 1500 ones I’ve looked at don’t have the height I want and I’ve found some 750 ones that do
    (Hope that explains it better!)
  • annb1997

    You would be able to install two double-front cabinets side by side, just would have to use caution when opening thode doors that could knock into each other. With this in mind, best to organise the cabinet contents to reduce the likelihood of this.

    Would be great if these cabinets were made with top-hinged doors like in kitchens.

  • siriuskey

    Not sure how tall you were wanting but with two of these you would have 4 doors

  • MrsRicho
    Yep that’s what I’m thinking Sirius key - just wasn’t sure you could place them next to each other without damaging the mirrors

    Thanks guys!
  • siriuskey

    just check that the mirrors are flush with the cabinets so you don't end up with cabinet showing , the doors should swing on themselves and as Retro said make sure the basin/s are positioned so you don't l get a crack in your face, haha

  • zaffa
    Yes you can definitely do this MrsRicho. We have recently completed our new build and here is a pic of our ensuite. We initially had an issue with the mirrors crunching against each other when opening and we had to get 1mm shaved off each of the sides of the mirrors. Now they open beautifully with no touching at all. Please also be mindful at the point of installation that the mirrors are installed flat into the doors, that is, they don’t protrude as a result of double sided tape! Our installer used double sided tape and silicone (the tape to hold the mirror in place while the door was hang back up and the silicone dried. The effect was looking at the mirror side on there were gaps where there was no tape and you could see the tape. We had the mirror installers return and remove the mirrors, shave the 1mm off. Our joiner then completed the job by siliconing the mirrors whilst the doors were flat on the floor and left them to dry for 48 hours before hanging the doors.
  • KK1000
    @zaffa, love your cabinets do you remember how much was one of them and how tall are they?? Thanks.
  • zaffa
    Thanks oskuee. You mean the mirror cabinets? I can measure them later today when I find a tape measure. We installed power points in them and there is a 10mm gap between the doors and the base shelf so cables can come out of them while the door is closed eg. hair dryer cable while drying hair. I can’t remember how much one cabinet was I’m sorry. We paid the joiner a total amount for our joinery.
  • annb1997

    They look great, zaffa! Clever solution to stop doors grinding.

  • zaffa
    Thanks annb1997 - Just to clarify the 10mm gap is not between mirrors but between the base shelf and the bottom of the mirror so the cables come out from under the bottom of the mirror - if that makes sense.....