How do we heat and light a bathroom with three-metre ceilings?

Souzette Lovell
last year
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Hi there,

Does anyone have experience lighting and heating a bathroom with 3m ceilings? It's my 1927 renovation project.

I don't want recessed ceiling lights because every time a light needs changing, a ladder will be involved. I want to install pendant and wall lights instead.

I'm planning a pendant light in the centre of the room (outside of the wet zones). There will be will be two lights over the vanity, mounted on top of the shaving cabinets, and a couple of wall lights. There will be led strip underneath the shaving cabinets. There will be two light control switches, one for the central and LED strip, the other for the wall and cabinet-mounted lights.

Here are my issues/questions:

  • it's a very cold climate. I'm concerned heat lamps in the ceiling just won't reach down to ground level! Can you install heat lamps on the wall, closer to where people actually stand?
  • I'm installing a heated towel rail on a timer. Will this be enough?
  • is a light over the shower really essential?
  • can anyone recommend a good budget bathroom lighting range? So far, Ikea seems to have the best IP66 and IP44-rated lamps within my budget

thoughts and insights appreciated thank you :-)

PS below images are only sketches, the Reece online planner is very limited in terms of finishes and tiling options etc, unless you want it all-white or neutral of course. Also I'll probably be building my own vanity - long 1500mm wide under the mirror cabinets with a semi-recessed basin and back to wall toilet

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