Is our new modular an ugly monstrosity?

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Hi. Having big buyer's remorse. It all started with an unpleasant, delayed, rude and rushed delivery. One headrest is faulty and there are numerous issues with the fabric - fluffy gouged type pieces of the woven fabric poking out. We have to get a technician out to look at it and see if it will be replaced. On top of that, my boyfriend's brother is currently living with us and laughed at the couch saying it's gigantic and looks like a swimming pool. Now I feel very uncomfortable with the size and feel it looks bulky, silly, ugly, unstylish. I was wondering if others think it's a bad fit or ruins the room. We haven't yet bought cushions, throws, coffee table (thinking pale oak round medium sized type), artwork etc. The wall cabinet is not staying there, my boyfriend got it from a garage sale years ago, we figure we will get rid of it. The pic doesn't show it but there is room for a dining table behind the chaise. We got the sofa as it's comfortable, we lie down together and watch movies, plus we have a big family that stays a few times a year. It just didn't look as bulky in the showroom and it looks bulkier than in the pic, I think. Should I just get it fixed/parts replaced (store is responsible), or push for an (unlikely) refund? I haven't seen many other options that would work for us and this sofa was a cheap bargain. Or stress myself out trying to sell it and figure out what else to get (which would equal loss of money and way more expensive couches)? I am having quite bad anxiety over it. We had very small falling apart couches before. Should I suck it up and style around it? Or is it simply an ugly monstrosity?

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