Help with a shaving cabinet

Katrina H
last month
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Hi all.

You've probably seen me ask many questions along the way for this planned renovation :)

It's booked in to start end of next month, so making final decisions now.

New layout as below: (ensuite comes off main bedroom, and is 1770x2220, with a sliding door entry opposite the window slightly offset to the right that slides towards the left)

Window is white.

Vanity is 900mm wall hung as below (teak with white caeserstone top and white bowl)


For any shaving cabinet, my timber wall is apparently 90mm deep and most cabinets are 140-150mm deep, so there will be some overhang.

My question is:

- should I do a 900mm mirror cabinet + some kind of recess shelf over the toilet? (as per plan above)


- 900mm mirror cabinet + no shelf


-1500mm mirror cabinet in centre (across is 1770)


- Kat

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