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Is removal of these original features inevitable?

last month

We are renovating our house built in the 1930s without expanding the original footprint too much to contain the cost. In the centre of the house is an "Ante" room which is basically a space we just walk through and have our piano in, but originally it was a formal dining room and has a beautiful ceiling and an old fireplace (with a cheap electric fire in it). The architect has proposed putting the main bathroom of the house here (see plan). I fear this will mean replacement of the ceiling and potentially the fireplace too.

We've looked at putting a new bathroom in Bed 3 but can't see what else we could do with the "ante" room to make use of the space since it has no windows. (a skylight is proposed for bathroom)

I'd welcome ideas. Will make a separate post about Bed 1-WIR/Ens.

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